Lesson: 1 – installation of tally software.

Tally package installation: Readers are advised to leave this chapter whoever is having the tally package in their system.

The persons whoever is not having the tally in their system, is advised to download this tally package.

Tally is not a theory subject, it’s practical . To better understand the tally accounts package, you have to down load the tally package and work on it. Demo verions for tally educational version is given below

Download tally.erp9 educational versiosn

After click the above link , there you can see the so many download links

1. Select the First link which is containing to down load into your system (Lighter installation)

2. After download the complete file run this to install in to your system

3. After finishing the above step, you will notice that a tally icon was copied on your
desk top. Double click the icon to run the tally software.

email us after downloaded the software to get step by step guide lines

Those who are requred Licensed tally software can contact at

Ph 91+9566166889 Mr Nagaraj , Ashok Nagar, Chennai

Lesson: 1 – installation of tally software