Nagineni Vari Palli

G.Subramanyam Tally online Tuitor, Chennai
Naginenivaripalli is my native (birth) place (remote area) which is located near

Talakona, Yerravaripalem Mandal, Chittoor District, Andhra Pradesh. You know well

that Talakona is a pilgrim centre for famous waterfalls, thick and greenish forest

situated and part of Seshachala Hills of Lord Venkateswara. Many Cinema shootings

were made like Kirai Rowdeelu(Mohan Babu), Khaidi (Chiranjeevi), Vikkidada

(Nagarjuna), Kaliyuga pandavulu (Venkatesh) ‘O’ sei Ramulamma(Dasari Narayana Rao

& Vijayashanthi), Donga Ramudu(Balakrishna) etc.

I was born in 1966 at Naginenivaripalle. My father Sri Gaddam Ramaiah and my

mother is Smt. Subbamma. I have 6 brothers and 3 sisters. I am only the person

completed graduation in my family. My father is a good Agriculture farmer. My

brothers assisted my father in cultivation. In my village there are no common

facilities like Electricity, Roads, Post Office, Hospitals, Telephone and Schools

up to 1987. For drinking water they used to get water from slope well called

Pedda Bavi (Walk in to well along with slope edges of the well or Stone steps) (in

Telugu”Digudu Bavi”). My primary education was started in 1971 in Govt. of

A.P.Elementary School, Doodevandlapalli 1 KM away from my village. I School on

foot along with my co-students from 1st Standard to 5th Standard (1973-1978). My

upper primary and Secondary education from Zilla Parishad High School, Nerabailu

(which is away from 4 KMs from my village) from 6th Standard to 10th Standrard

(SSC) between 1978-1983. All students in my villages have studied under the light

of kerosene lamps as there is no electricity up to 1987. After my Secondary

Education I joined in +2 at Dwarakanatha Reddy Junior College, Madanapalli

(Chittoor District, AP) in 1983 and B.Com., Degree from B.T.College, Madanapalli.

During my college days at Madanapalle I stayed with my cousin G.Subramanyam, S/o

Lakshmaiah working in Dept. of Telecom (now BSNL).

After completion of my Graduation, I came to Chennai for searching job in 1991 on

the advise of my uncle Sri P.Adinarayana who was working at Chennai. First I

joined as an Accounts Assistant in a Private Company. With help of my seniors I

used to write books to maintain the accounts properly. On seeing my good

performance our company proprietor brought a computer in 1995 to maintain entire

accounts on computer. I learn more and more in accounts with the personal


With the help of wings software I worked more and learn more about Accounts.

Later on I came to know that Tally Software is very usefull for all business

people as well as Accounts Personnel. I focused on Tally software to learn. At

the beginning I learn by trail and error method. I acquired good knowledge in

Tally software with help of little bit knowledge in computers and accounts.

Today I am very proud to announcing that I can able to provide Tally Coaching

through online to anybody in the world who is interested in the subject .

My aim is to provide good accountancy procedure who are maintaining computers in

business with small investments.

Learn and Tell is my policy. Help others if you can. There will be always GOD

support when we are helping others.

G Subramaniam

nagineni vari palli

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