How to Prepare cheque Deposit challan in tally.erp9

This is most useful and save the time for who deposits more that 5 to 15 cheques daily
Now you can avoid writing challans for deposit cheques into your bank. Tally.erp9 is having a great features to generate cheque deposit slip . Just take a print out of 2 copies and attach the cheques and give 1 copy to bank and get signature on another copy and keep a file. that’s it

Follow these simple steps to generate cheque deposit challan/slip in tally

1. Alter the bank ledger and fill the bank address and bank a/c no etc

2. Enter the cheques received from your customers in receipt vouchers. While entering the receipt entry you need to enter the cheque no in Inst. no; cheque date in – inst,date; write bank name in bank name ; write the name of branch in branch. if require you can enter this details in narration also

3 After finishing all entries in tally , go to display > account books>ledger > select the ledger name and select the period

4. Click on “Deposit slip print” this will appear at right side button pannel or press Alt+f6

5. Again select the period for a particular date to generate challan and press print button at top right corner

that’s it