Accounts Info

Accounts Info. menu lists the masters like Groups, Ledgers and Voucher Types through which you can provide the details of your company’s accounts.

Go to Gateway of Tally > Accounts Info.


In this section you can create or modfy the Group names .

Some fo the defaul group are available in tally . More than that you can create extra groups

Ex : Sundry debtors, sales accounts, Purchase accounts , fixed assets are already exist

If you want to create some more group under the sundry creditors ( like areawise or Regular

Customers etc), You can create.

To create groups Follow the below steps

Gateway of Tally> Accounts info> Groups > Create


In this section you can create and alter the ledger names

The default ledger available in tally is Cash ledger only

The remaining ledger name you need to create

For ex : the following ledger names is a must to create for any trading company

1.Sales A/c, 2.Purchase a/c a/c, 4.vat a/c a/c 6.sales returns a/c, 7.Purchase return a/c, 8.transport chagres a/c, 9. fright a/c , 10. capital a/c

11. renta/c, 12. Electricity a/c ,13. telephone charges a/c 14. Printing and stationary a/c . 15. Conveyance a/c, 16. Salaries

while creating the above ledgers , you need the mention the grops as under

sale a.c and sales returns a/c – Group – sales accounts
Bank a/c – Group -Bank accounts
Purchase and Purchase retuns – Group – Purchase accounts
Discount (given) – Group – Direct expense
Discount (recd) – Group – Direct income
Transport and frieght charges – Group – Direct expenses
Capital a/c – Group – Capital
Building, car, computers – Group – Fixed assets

Ledger name from 11 to 16 Set the group name as ” Indirect expenses”

Voucher types

Use this section you can able to make set the voucher number as manuel numbers or as your own design

to Alter or create the voucher types ……

Gateway of tally > Accounts Info> Voucher Types > Create

Select the create for create the new voucher type
Select alter for alter the existing voucher type
(ex : the default voucher numbering in tally is automatic. If you dont want the automatic numbers,
You can set the numbering method as manual)

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