TNVAT efiling



How to file tnvat monthy returns

1. Login into with your tin number with pass word

2.goto Monthly returns

3.Select for Form I for fill vat returns

4. Select the month and click on submit

5.Fill the sales and purchase details and click on save botton

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If you have the limited transaction ( monthly 20 to 30 invoice )

Click the annexures buttons on top like annexure I , annexure II, annexure III

and fill the details

if your have more transactions ( i.e more than 100 invoices )

Click on annexure 1 button

and click on

Enter Annexures Online (OR ) Click Here For Sending Annexures as Excel File

Down load excel sheet into three files and rename it as


(tin number +month+year+a1 for purchase details)


(tin number +month+year+a1 for sale details)

After finishing the vat form , and annexures recheck every thing and

click on declaration Press on confirm

Note : once you given declaration you cann’t do the modifications

E1 and E2 Forms

Dealer selling the goods has to issue a certificate in
prescribed form to the purchasing dealer(Prescribed forms
are E1 form if its first sale and E2 form if subsequent sales).
Subsequent purchaser has to issue certificate in prescribed form
(This is C form) to his seller. Such certificates are to be
produced before assessing authorities within prescribed time.
The certificates in C,E1 and E2 forms are to be issued on
quarterly basis.

The requirements for issuing the above forms i.e who is to issue
which form and to whom which form is to be issued can be explained
with the help of following example:

Suppose W in Punjab sends goods in Delhi and raises invoice on X in Bihar,
during the movement of goods X sells goods by endorcing documents of title
to goods in favour of Y who is a dealer in U.P and Y sells ultimately goods
to Z who is a dealer in Delhi by further endorcing the documents of title
while the goods are still in transit.Z finally takes delivery of goods in Delhi
and the movement of goods comes to an end.

Now in above example W will issue E-I form to X and will get ‘C form’ from X.

X will issue E-II form to Y and will get ‘C form’ from Y.

Y will issue E-II form to Z and will get ‘C form’ from Z

A dealer who sells goods in transit has to obtain E-I/E-II forms from the
seller and C form from the buyer. Submissions of both E-I/E-II and C form
is mandatory to avail exemption.

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