Karnataka Vat efiling

How to Upload purchase detail on Kar.vat.nic.in site ?

The above video will explain how to efiling monthly sales returns in karnataka state

Here we are providing some content on this Karnataka vat. The content given below

is at the time writting the article . The Governament rules may change from time to time.

1. Login to the Commercial Tax Department web-site http://vat.kar.nic.in, using the username and password.

2. If you are not having username and password to login to this website, contact your LVO/VSO, who will provide username and password immediately.

3. In case of the first time login, the system will show some informative screens and ask user to enter his choice of username and password. Please note down the username and password entered by you for your further logins. The system asks you to enter your contact information.

4. Please change your password as often as possible and keep it safe and secure and do not share it with anyone.

5. VAT 100 return form is enabled for VAT dealers and VAT 120 return form is enabled for COT dealers. The dealer can also enter the Entry Tax return, as applicable.

6. In the main page of VAT Online system, you can see the following options for VAT 100/120 Returns / Entry Tax Returns :

􀂙 New Entry – To enter the VAT 100/120/Entry Tax Return for the selected period

􀂙 Payment Details– To enter the Payment details for the already saved return.

􀂙 Verify and Submit – To Verify and Submit the VAT 100/120 Return, if it has not been submitted.

􀂙 Print Return – To take a printout of the Return and e-challan.

7. Now, select the New Entry option in VAT 100/120 menu.
8. Next, enter the boxes of the VAT 100/120 form for the selected period as per VAT regime or COT regime. The system will calculate the tax as per the rate and turn over entered by you. You can change the tax value. It may be noted that the order of entry of details for the return may not be as per prescribed the return format. Some of the fields will get updated as per the entries and calculation mentioned in the return. If there are any errors in the values entered by you, system will show those details at the end of the return entry form. If there are errors, system will not allow you to save the details and you need to set right the errors and then save the details.

Upon entry of all the details, you can see the return form, verify and subsequently save by pressing the SAVE button.

10. To edit the details of the already entered return, select the edit option from the list displayed below ‘New entry’ option.

11. The option Payment details can be used by the dealer to enter the payment details for the selected Return. The dealer can make the payment by Cash, Cheque, DD, Challan or by E-Payment. For Cheque, DD, Challan, the dealer has to enter the Number, Amount and Date. For Cash, only the amount can be entered. For e-Payment, the dealer must first make the payment in the website https://vat.kar.nic.in/epay and note the CTD’s return reference number(RRN) and enter this number in the payment details option. The dealer has also got option to enter combination of payment details of different modes mentioned above for the return of the selected period.

12. Use “Verify and Submit” option to submit the Return VAT 100/120 after which no changes can be effected. Here, system will match the total amount in Payment head with the total amount of Tax Payable head (Demand) for that return. If the payment is less than the demand, it will not allow you to submit the return.

13. Now click on Print Return button and enter the Period to see the VAT 100/120 form on the screen. You can take a print out by clicking Print option at File menu of the Internet Explorer option.

14. The Return Ref. No. will be printed on top left corner with other details in the VAT 100/120 form.

15. Dealer can also update or delete the transaction before submitting the form.

16. Dealer can take a copy of the VAT 100/120 form for reference before submitting also.
17. In case the dealer is making payment by Cash or Cheque/DD/Challan, he has to hand over the return reference number (RRN)/ paper copy of the VAT 100/120 along with the Cheque/DD/Challan to the concerned LVO/VSO for verification. The VAT 100/120 return will be treated as received only if the dealer hands over RRN/ paper copy of VAT 100/120 to LVO/VSO in case of Cash/Cheque/DD/Challan payment. If the dealer has made e-Payment relating to return of that period, paper copy of VAT 100/120 need not be handed over to LVO/VSO and dealer may keep it for his reference, if required.

18. At LVO/VSO, after receiving the computer generated return copy from the dealer, LVO/VSO will open the web-site and verify the details of the return on the system and payment details with the help of RRN/paper copy. Upon verification he/she will ACCEPT.

19. The same procedure holds good for the Entry Tax return also.

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