What is tally ?

Tally is an accounts software mostly used for maintaining accounts in  small scale business , personal and manufacturing sectors  .  In 1980′s we used books to maintain journal , cashbook and ledgers .  Writing manual books for maintaining accounts is very difficult  task to  review reports .

In manual accounts a single  transaction has to repeatedly write in so many accounts .

For examples : A company purchase goods on credit ,,

First of all to write journal entry in journal book as

Purchase a/c dr

to Party a/c    Cr

Again the above entries to write in purchase ledger and party ledger . So a single transaction has write 3 times in manual books

Where as in tally no bother to enter so many times just enter this type of transaction in purchase voucher . Once you do that it will automatically post into purchase ledger and party ledger

For More details and video tutorial cluck here 

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